Voice Training

profilepicHave you ever felt your voice was too squeaky? Stuttery? Monotone? Feel like NO-ONE is listening?

Are you a fairly experienced speaker who would like to round the edges off your delivery? Or a novice who wants the keys to an effective verbal presentation?

I offer three packages to suit a wide range of abilities – I am able to come to your place of work, or other location (within Rochester, and greater Rochester). For clients who live further afield, I offer support via Skype and email as well as the telephone. For Corporate Groups of 20 or more, I offer bespoke packages (ask for more details).

Package 1 – Novice – $75
Three sessions

Encompassing basics of voice control; how to breathe properly; voice exercises to modulate effectively

Package 2 – Intermediate – $125
Three sessions
Harnessing your voice’s power in different settings; Perception of voice; advanced voice exercises
(I recommend Package 2 to be ordered in combination with Package 1 for maximum benefit)

Package 3 – Corporate/Professional – $150 for four sessions and $28/session thereafter
Sessions to be determined by individual need

Encompassing basics of voice control; how to breathe properly; advanced voice exercises; become an effective orator

A comprehensive written evaluation of your progress will be provided with every package, as will ongoing email support during the package. All sessions are 1 hour long. Extra time will be pro-rated.

Please contact me for further details and if you wish to purchase a package online, select from the list below.

Purchase Voice Training Package
Package 1 $75.00 USD
Package 2 $125.00 USD
Package 3 $150.00 USD


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