Horsing Around: What do you think of the Horsemeat Fiasco?

Let’s get textual shall we?

The issue of horsemeat has been rearing its mane (sorry with the horse puns, neigh I can’t help it) for the last month now, and it doesn’t appear to be dying down any time soon. People are either doing one of two things (a) buying stuff as normal (b) avoiding buyng meat from supermarkets (c) being a smug middle-class get who buys “organic” and from farmers markets anyway.

Moving on to farmers … so it seems as if they and the countryside alliance now have the perfect excuse to berate us members of the public for not buying British all these years. Whilst I have sympathy for our flat-capped friends and the restrictions they work under, the average farmer is a lot richer than the average punter if you know what I mean. It just seems a little patronising.

But that being said – if people are going to get hysterical about horsemeat then they should at least have the nous to check the label. They do have a choice not to buy the meat, although with the economy the way it is, for many families struggling on the breadline it would mean having to spend a bit more. I am not sure – it is a dilemma isn’t it?

What do you guys think?


Coalition of Conservative-Liberal Democrats does ‘Igsactly’ what it says on the Tin …. or does it?



We are like Ronseal. We do exactly what it says on the tin

Oh no he didn’t (or din’t). Yes, David Cameron quoted the Ronseal ad when referring to the stability of the Coalition today. I wonder if this will mark a trend for politicians? Will we get the likes of UKIP and BNP saying “Go compare, we are both right-wing, but go compare!” or will we get the Green party going “Look how shiny we get this new green policy” (Barry Scott fans, never fear, I got the pun in).

Let’s face it, the coalition has never been the easiest of political marriages; on the one hand you have touchy-feely, hey I’m one of you guys, but hey I’m sorry I don’t follow-through on my promises Lib-Dems, and then you have we are all in it together, except when we aren’t, you plebby lot Conservatives. To ‘marry’ (sic) these two types of viewpoints there has been much wrangling behind the scenes, so that in front of the cameras it simply looks like an equanimous front (most of the time). Add to this cocktail the dithering of Ed Milliband and the Labour Party …. well, you get my point. It is a mess.

When political leaders start using well-known advertisements to reassure punters/voters that all is well, you have to start to worry for the nation. Where is the concrete proof that the coaltion isn’t for show, and that there really is a plan to get us out of this awful financial mess?

What happened to substance over style?


SOURCE: Ronseal Pic – http://www.navanhireanddiy.ie/index.php/paint-accessories/exterior/fences-gates/ronseal-fence-life-975.html