Splash (Tom Daley) on ITV …. Rhymes with Gash/Trash …

Tom Daley

“Because the Olympics wasn’t enough of an opportunity to bore people with diving ….” (made-up quote)



Oh my goodness.

I nearly spat my tea out on the computer when I heard about this one. The point of this ‘reality’ show is to take a bunch of self-obsessed celebrities (cue too tight speedos – eww!!) and for Olympian Tom Daley to train them how to dive, they get ‘judged’ by Jo Brand (really?) and one of them gets voted off (aww). Even the name conjures up rather dodgy connotations of poorly maintained urinals. Splash, indeed. Drip, more like.

Firstly, it is a shame there isn’t a ducking stool for whichever ‘bright’ mind this awful idea for a show came from. If you rate success in terms of market share for the first episode, yes, Splash was a success. On all other counts, terrible concept that makes me want to tear my eyes out with a spork. And I doubt it will be a continuing hit. Who really wants to see a bunch of wannabee/has-beens (includes the judges) week after week in front of a massive swimming pool? The chlorinated (sic) factor is enough to make me lose my lunch ….


What do you think though? Did you watch it for the celebrities? Or are you strangely obsessed with Tom Daley? And are you hitting menopause right now? I’m betting the latter ….

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Daley_(diver)

Source: ITV


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