Are we really “All in it together”? Tory Councillor doesn’t think so: Further Demonization of the unemployed and ‘working poor’

Tory Councillor Chris Steward has spoken out against food banks today, saying people should manage their money more carefully instead.

In an article by the York Press and on twitter the councillor claims that donating to food banks is counterproductive and will allow those who use them to spend the money instead on alcohol and cigarettes.

His words have angered foodbanks and the Trussell Trust which runs 275 foodbanks nationwide. They think the Conservative councillor is out of touch.


Do you use a foodbank? Are you angered by a Tory toff apparently out of touch with the real world? Or does Chris Steward have a point? Is it merely a case of spending less cash on booze or cigarettes?


I think this is yet another example of how out of touch the current coalition is; it is very easy to score cheap political points by again blaming ‘feckless’ benefit scroungers. I think Chris Steward needs to get his head out of the clouds (and somewhere else judging by a lot of the comments on the article and on twitter) and live in the real world. In this triple-dip recession, families on salaries that have not kept pace with inflation, who are being squeezed at every angle, whether it be utility bill, travel expenses, healthcare expenses, university expenses etc.The planned reforms for Universal Credit, which is supposed to ‘solve’ the economic crisis, but will more than likely be used as another stick to beat the average Joe with and looking at past experience will be an administrative nightmare to resolve, is also a significant worry for many households. Meanwhile the ‘working’ poor and those who find themselves unlucky enough to be unemployed, and the majority due to the challenging economic conditions, continue to be villified by Con-Lib, whilst millionaires get a barely significant nod towards tax.

Yes, we are all in it together. Except if you are poor it is YOUR fault, according to some representatives of this Government.




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